Odyssey Landscape Series

Margaret Rinkovsky’s "The Odyssey Landscapes, Reconsidered," is a contemporary meditation on the ancient Greek story…The foundations for Rinkovsky’s conception of this exhibition consist of an inter-weaving of literary and visual sources which inspired a re-reading of the traditional interpretation of the story of Odysseus and a theoretical desire to reposition painting as an expressive medium permanently related to a ritualistic environment. Her ideas spin off of two poles, chronologically distant, which she connects in the form and imagery of the installation. First, are representations, written and painted, of the story of Odysseus in the Greek and Roman cultures. Second, are the works and theory of the 20th century painter Mark Rothko. Excerpts from the 1995 exhibition catalogue at The Art Museum of Santa Cruz County by Janina Darling, Professor of Art History a UCSC.